Getting Your Beard To Stop Itching – A Simple Guide


Sporting a beard is one of my favorite looks (particularly in the winter),it’s
sort of like a vacation from my classic shaving obsession, not to mention 
it saves both time and money and just looks great. If you’re like me though and you have sensitive skin, the level of itchiness a beard might give you is quite aggravating and might make you reconsider growing a beard in the first place.

The most common period of time for a beard to itch is at its growing stages
as the stubble is pushed onto the skin before it begins to straighten, but it can
also occur later on. Luckily there are several ways to reduce this annoyance and
continue on your bearded journey.




1.  Shampoo & Conditioner

End each of your showers by applying a Shampoo and Conditioner. Use the conditioner
less often if you’re concerned about your hairs getting too soft. Make sure you’ve completely
washed off the soap residue or it could actually make things worse.

Baby or Dandruff Shampoo have been proven to be particularly effective in reducing beard itchiness.
Baby Shampoo in particular is great for those who suffer from sensitive skin and allergies.


2. Comb Your Beard

After each shower pat your beard dry using a towel (combing a wet beard can potentially
cause stretching and pulling of hairs), then comb your beard using a beard comb in the direction
of your hair growth. This will help prevent hairs from tangling together as well as
help prevent ingrown hairs.  If you already suffer from ingrown hairs, consider using a tweezer to pluck them out. 


3. Apply a Moisturizer or Jojoba Oil To Treat Dry Skin

More often than not it is actually dry skin that causes the itchiness in our beards and not
our hairs, in this case a Facial Moisturizer or Jojoba Oil come in handy.

Apply either a Facial Moisturizer or Jojoba Oil to your beard using the tip of your fingers in
circular motions. I personally prefer the Jojoba Oil as it closely resembles the natural skin oils
we already carry.

Other Moisturizing Methods :

- Many beard owners  claim that applying an Aftershave Balm has worked wonders in relieving
them of their itchy beards.

- Applying a pre-shave oil has also been known to have great effect due to its softening of
the hairs, protective layer and general moisturization. 


4. Persevere! 

An itching beard for the majority of men is just a temporary starting phase that can last up
to six weeks,
 consider it a test for being worthy of owning an awesome beard, chances are it will be
smooth sailing from there on, and if not, you now know how to fight it, good luck!


What Methods Do You Use To Reduce Beard Itchiness?